15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

Why Exhibit?

Meet our visitors

Over just two days, thousands of key professionals will pour through the doors of the show with the sole intention of finding the latest solutions designed to mitigate the world’s most costly disasters. With visitors sourced from across the world & exhibitors representative of the best products, ideas, and solutions, buyers are ready to invest in the future of their own success.

Gain exposure

As an exhibitor, your company or agency will gain exposure in front of a mass of disaster-related buyers, all looking for their next big investment. There couldn’t be a better opportunity to promote the products or services that you offer. Better yet, you can close a deal right on the spot, be sure to generate new and repeat business, and build exceptionally profitable relationships.

Pre qualified attendees

The Disasters Expo Europe only invites pre qualified attendees, meaning that only those with decision making powers, or at bare minimum with buying influence, will be in attendance. Disasters Expo Europe provides a base for all those in the industry to learn and improve their bookselling offering.

  • "What an incredible success the Natural Disasters Expo was! The TOI TOI USA team networked with representatives from government agencies, emergency services, and industry innovators to learn how better to support those in need during natural disasters and emergencies. Thanks to everyone who made this event a possibility. We had a great time!"


  • “Our team members, Adam Beatty, Director of Business Development, and Michael LeBas, with our Disaster Relief division, had a great time at the Natural Disasters Expo USA this week in Miami! We have assisted over 100 clients throughout the Gulf Coast region in disaster relief efforts! Visit us at www.gisy.com to learn more!”

    - G.I.S

  • “The Natural Disasters Expo USA has come to an end. We had an amazing time connecting with fellow thought leaders, sharing our knowledge in the space, and were even nominated for the “most innovative technology” award. #NDEMiami”

    - Boxhub

  • “CHASING attended NDE 2023 and it was a huge success! We had an incredible time showcasing our underwater robots and meeting so many talented professionals in the disaster prevention and mitigation industry. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to share our latest underwater solutions with all attendees, and we appreciate everyone who visited our booth.”


The power ofFace to Face

Crowd of people

Face to Face Selling is considered the cornerstone of sales. In fact, 95% of people believe that face to face interactions and sales are essential for successful long-term business and client relationships. Here at , our philosophy and belief is that people respond to people.

We provide the perfect place in which to meet clients and facilitate business whilst also providing educational and thought-provoking seminars, panel debate and masterclasses. This is because our show allows you to get up close and personal with over 3,000 potential clients and pre qualified business leads, all have been selected by the organiser and they have chosen to attend.

Who will you meet?

Types of Sectors

  • Policymakers
  • Academics
  • Investors
  • Philanthropies
  • Insurers
  • Actuaries
  • State & Federal Organisations
  • Military & Defense
  • National Guard
  • Red Cross
  • NGO's
  • First Responders: Police, Fire, EMS, Coastguard
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Insurers
  • Land Owners
  • Utility Companies
  • Large Retail Outlets
  • Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Federal Government
  • Homeowner Associations

Types of Job Titles

  • Disaster Management Directors
  • Emergency and First Responders
  • Earthquake (seismologists), Hurricane, and Flood Specialists
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Global Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Environment & Waste
  • Head of Procurement
  • Head of Product Management & Marketing
  • Head of Waste Management
  • Head of Culture and Environment
  • Head of Waste & Public Protection
  • Head of Waste and Transport
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Director of Policy and Innovation
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Director, VP, EVP, or SVP of Sustainability
  • Environmental Policy Manager
  • Director of Environment, Energy, & Safety
  • Director of Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Chief Officer of Environment
  • Social & Environmental Sustainability Manager
  • Chief of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Certified Sustainability Administrator


Alternatively, please contact us on Tel: or email at enquiries.ndefk@fortem-international.com


High quality and engaging content. The content not only stimulates interest in the show but is also a crucial tool to promote the products and services that will be exhibited at the event.