Peripatetic Event

Why Attend Our Show?

Disasters Expo Europe was conceived as a space for professionals from every avenue of the emergency and disaster management industry to come together and collaborate. By gathering thousands of expert minds and voices under one roof, we allow for the mass exchange of ideas, information, technology, and services, ultimately strengthening the European community against disasters and intense weather events.

By attending, you will actively contribute to raising awareness within the European Union about the challenges facing the disaster industry.

Our Purpose?

At the heart of effective disaster response lies awareness – the linchpin that unites communities, organisations, and governments. As Europe faces an array of potential crises, from disasters to cyber threats, the need for heightened awareness is more pertinent than ever.

In the last few years particularly, earthquakes, storms, and floods have done serious damage to communities all across the continent. That’s why we put together Disasters Expo Europe, creating a hive mind of professionals from every corner of the industry to Prepare, Respond, and Recover from these tragic instances.

By bringing the European disaster risk mitigation community together, we allow professionals at varying career stages to share insights, resulting in increased capacities for resilience throughout disaster-prone countries and beyond.

Discover Groundbreaking Solutions

Within the Expo, we orchestrate an exhibition hall, featuring hundreds of suppliers and service providers from every avenue of disaster management and emergency response. This will be your chance to meet the minds behind the products revolutionising global strategies in everything from rescue missions to pre-disaster mitigation. Touch, try, and test products, talk about solutions, and elevate your approach to disaster management for good.

Esteemed Keynote Lineup

Visitors to this event will have the privilege of hearing expert insights directly from the finest minds in the disaster management cycle and beyond. Whether focusing on the need for widespread sustainability initiatives, the utilisation of space exploration in preparation, or training protocols for the emergency services, the sessions from our Keynote Speakers are sure to be equally informative and enriching.

Comprehensive Seminar Sessions

Beyond our Keynote Speakers, we program an impressive range of Seminars across the course of the event, touching on every conceivable angle of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Whether you’re taking notes for a government agency, are looking for inspiration in your small business, or simply want to develop a more well-rounded point of view on the industry, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our lineup.

Unlimited Networking Opportunities

Surrounded by thousands of your contemporaries, this event will poise you to build connections that will carry you through your career. Across the two days of the Expo, you’ll meet professionals from all corners of the disaster management industry, at a wide range of career stages. These interactions could lead to professional collaborations, shared advice, or even lasting personal friendships. The possibilities are endless.