15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

Networking at the Disasters Expo Europe

A Networking Event for a Better Tomorrow

The beauty of bringing so many disaster management and emergency response professionals together under one roof is that it stimulates countless dialogues, many of which will lead to progressive strategies moving forward. Our goal when organising this event is to strengthen the European community against catastrophic events, and with so many passionate people together it becomes all the more possible.

Disasters Expo Europe for Professional Networking

We understand that while event attendees are working toward a common goal, they’re also coming for professional reasons. Rest assured, while community resilience is of the utmost importance to us, we still host this event as a place for businesspeople to make progress.

Generating Leads

Whatever you might be offering, building a network is a great way to plant seeds that could lead to future business. In a genuine conversation, you can talk through your business more comprehensively with new contacts and acquaintances.

Building Collaborations

With everyone from emergency response teams to space exploration specialists present at the Expo, there are endless possibilities for collaboration to be fostered. A conversation you have here could lead to a partnership that lasts for years to come.

Gaining Diverse Insights

The professionals that you interact with at Disasters Expo Europe will come from all sorts of backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels. By engaging with a variety of attendees at the event, you’ll gain an unparalleled range of perspectives and nuggets of wisdom.

Building Industry Awareness

Surrounded by so many professionals, your time at the event will be the perfect chance for you to strengthen your overarching understanding of the state of the disaster management industry as it stands. Consider it your chance to get totally up to date.

Raising Your Profile

By meeting people, shaking hands, and sharing contact information, you can establish yourself as an active player within the industry. By growing your professional profile at the event, you set yourself up to succeed more profoundly over time.

A Dedicated Space for Networking

With so much programmed content at Disasters Expo Europe, you’re likely to have a busy schedule throughout the event. That’s why we make sure to establish a clear area, specifically for networking. This allows our attendees the opportunity to get to know each other, talk shop, and build connections without distraction.

Use the area to take a minute, have a solid conversation, and develop lasting collaborations.