Peripatetic Event

Who Attends Our Show

We curate Disasters Expo Europe as a haven for professionals from every walk of the industry, along with any related fields. For two days, the leading figures in development, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery come together under one roof. You’ll get to spend valuable time with everyone from forward-thinking technological startups to government officials, digging into a diverse range of inspiring topics and conversations.

Emergency Management Professionals

Fireman on the Radio

First Responders

First Responders in the woods

Search & Rescue Teams

Search and Rescue team searching Rubble

Meteorologists And Climate Scientists

Meteorologists inspecting Data

Environmental Agencies

Raindrop on a leaf

Federal Ministries And Government Agencies

Data Displayed on multiple computers

Municipalities And Local Governments

Government hearing

Insurance and Risk Management

3 people gathered around PC, viewing Data

Humanitarian Aid Organisations And NGO’s

Humanitarians providing water

Community Leaders and Planners

Mega city

Get to know the variety of professionals and industries that will be in attendance below: