Peripatetic Event


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AETA has developed the technology to predict the occurrence, epi-centre, and magnitude of earthquakes several days before they occur. Our solution is a combination of scientific research and the latest advancements in A.I & big data.

We are now at a point in our history, where we can accumulate, store, and process large amounts of data, and by doing so we can now solve some of mother nature’s most disastrous events e.g. 'earthquakes'.

We collect this data by deploying hundreds of three-part electromagnetic and acoustic sensory systems as a mesh grid network across earthquake-affected regions, and this allows us to cover a large radius of land and collect the necessary data needed to feed and train our A.I algorithms. 

Our algorithms are then able to search for anomalies before, during, and after an earthquake occurs, giving us the necessary insights that allow us to predict an earthquake’s occurrence, magnitude, and epi-centre up to 7 days before it happens with an accuracy of over 75%.

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