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CAMERO-TECH – Radar Imaging Systems

Founded in 2004, Camero is a pioneer and leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of Micro Power UWB Radio Imaging Systems, specializing in ‘Sense Through the Wall’ (STTW) applications. 
Camero is a member of the SK GROUP, a leading global defense and security group that also owns IWI – Israel Weapon Industries (Tavor, Negev, Masada, Jericho) and Meprolight, a manufacturer of tactical sights for guns and rifles.
Camero-Tech systems are operated daily around the world by elite special forces, police, intelligence, and search and rescue units, and assist in the detection of live objects in crime, terror, and disaster (fire, collapsed buildings) scenarios.
Camero-Tech develops, manufactures, and markets several product lines: Short-range, Mid-range, and long-range:
· The Xaver™ 100 is targeted for near-wall use or in a stand-off mode, up to 20 meters from the object. The Xaver 100 is a handled device that detects live objects, their number, and their distance from the wall.
· The Xaver™ 400 offers a location capability: the system notifies the operator of the location of live objects in the room. The Xaver 400 is the choice of elite SWAT teams around the world.
· The Xaver™ 1000, the new generation of the Camero Xaver™ product line - which is a real-time 3D ‘Sense Through Wall’ imaging equipped with an AI-based tracking of live target patterns in more than 40 meters. The Xaver™1000 can distinguish whether the object is an adult, a child, or an animal. 
· The Xaver™ Long-range line consists of the Xaver™ LR 40 and the Xaver™ LR 80.
The systems detect live objects from significant distances – from 10 meters to more than 100 meters– while the operator is in a safe distance. There is no other system that can reach and detect lives from such distances. 
Camero Search & Rescue Kit - Camero also offers a professional solution for SAR teams, packed in a backpack, and includes 2 Xaver™ 100 systems, 1 Xaver™ 400, XaverNet™, special accessories, and enough power (batteries, power supplies) to operate the systems continuously.
Camero-Tech’s systems were successfully operated in the 2017 earthquake in Mexico and the 2023 earthquake in Turkey. In both disastrous events, our Xaver™ systems managed to locate the trapped survivors and guide the rescuers to their exact location.

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