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ConFoot Ltd designs and manufactures patented, detachable shipping container legs.
ConFoot container legs are the only portable container handling method in the world. Using the legs provides the means for efficient container handling in low to no infrastructure

In crisis management situations where existing infrastructure has been destroyed or severely
depleted by natural disaster or war, everything from food, clothing, medicine and shelter is
brought to the location in containers.
Container-housed special solutions provide water purification systems, and generators and
solar power units for electricity.

By using ConFoot container legs no additional container handling methods are required.
ConFoot is a Finnish, privately-owned company with headquarters in Espoo, Finland.
ConFoot has clients in over 30 countries around the world, and a distributor network spanning
20+ countries.

In 2023 ConFoot celebrates 10 years of operations.
A proud representative of Finnish tradition of world-class manufacturing, design and innovation,
ConFoot’s products are all portable, reliable and affordable, and reflect the company’s core
mission: creating value by reducing costs and streamlining the supply chain.

Tel: +358 40 527 3757

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