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EasyWagon A/S, although founded in 2016, looks back at more than 25 years´ experience, and is one of Europe`s largest manufacturers of light weight multipurpose box trailers.

We are headquartered in Denmark and operate our own manufacturing facility in Stettin in Poland.

Accordingly we are on top of the entire production process and are sure that all trailers are thoroughly checked and tested before delivery.

We take great pride in our quality and, not least, in the future-proofing our products so that our customers have a solution that will work for many years to come.

Our customers represent a large variety of businesses, such as rental- , construction- and event-companies, public authorities, and communities as well as agricultural co-operations.

We provide a wide range of both standard and purpose-built trailers including:

• Fully equipped sleeping and living trailers with kitchen and bathroom for up to 8 persons

• Sanitation trailers with toilets and showers

• Mobile bathrooms

• Crew trailers with toilet/bathroom

• Office trailers with toilet

• Environmental trailers

• Mobile kitchens

• Food/Sales trailers

• Freezing-/Cooling trailers

In recent years, we have focused on high-standard, low-cost housing and sanitation solutions for refugees and victims of natural disasters, as well as for seasonal workers.

We are known for a high degree of flexibility regarding specific customer requirements and for our ability to adapt to urgent needs coming from unforeseen events.

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