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We are Generator Power Ltd, the UK's largest independent generator rental company. Est 1997. 

We supply a vast range of diesel generators varying in sizes from 10kva to 1250kva as well as renewable solutions like battery storage units and solar powerplants. We recently just invested in 300 new battery units to add a greener shade to our fleet. You can read all about the fuel and CO2 savings as well as product specs here!

We buy kit almost exclusively from Atlas Copco to ensure consistency across the fleet.

Our team have pioneered designs for containerised and emergency power solutions over the years. We have always been at the forefrunt of innovation, starting with the creation of the Powersafe®. The Powersafe® is a containerised unit built to house a generator and a fuel tank to deter theft and other anti social behaviours. These units are recommended by insurance companies and have been proven to lower site insurance premiums. We also started adding solar arrays to our Powersafes to allow sites to utilise solar energy. Now we are incorporating a full hybrid system using our new battery units, solar arrays and wind power as well as a generator with HVO fuel! 

We are also the only generator rental company to develop and utilise truck mounted generators for quick and efficient emergency response. We listened to our customers needs and in time developed a temporary power solution that met those needs. The idea behind our emergency response vehicles was to have a generator unit ready and waiting to mobilise in the event of a powercut or other critical problems. Our ERV's have proved to be hugely successful in making response times quicker and getting power to our customers when its needed.

We are Generator Power and We Do Whatever It Takes to Keep the Power Flowing!

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