15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

IHCare - Innovation Hospital Care

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IHCare aims to establish itself as a differentiating element in the national and international market, improving people’s quality of life, and helping to customize expenses for entities. IHCare promotes a culture focused on Quality to guarantee customer safety, establishing the quality and effectiveness of products as a top priority. Our behavior is guided by innovation, entrepreneurship, and proximity.

We continually explore and discover solutions that add value, with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit, we thrive by always putting people first.

We intend to meet our customers’ expectations by ensuring their total satisfaction, knowing the specific needs of each one, and presenting the best products and solutions designed to meet their needs;

In essence, our objective is to promote a social policy to practice the values of solidarity and equity that characterize companies integrated in what is called the Social Economy.

In the events of natural disasters or catastrophes, where lives are at stake, bedsheets take on a role that goes beyond simple cloth; they’re a symbol of care and compassion.
With this in mind, we developed Shellty Xtreme as a viable, safer, and more sustainable alternative to the use of disposable bedsheets.

Shellty XTREME allows its users to sleep on a clean, dry, breathable and hygienically stable fabric, being ecological and sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

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