15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

inMotion GmbH

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inMotion Robotic partners with DEEP Robotics to co-develop and service smart quadruped robot solutions for the European market. DEEP Robotics is the global pioneer in the development of quadruped robot industrial applications, and the first intelligent quadruped robot enterprise to explore the application of an autonomous power patrol inspection industry in Asia. 

DEEP Robotics was established in 2017, its proprietary robot series has been deployed in security inspection, exploration, public rescue, and a variety of other applications. DEEP Robotics has taken the lead in participating in the earthquake relief practice with quadruped robots. DEEP Robotics partners with numerous leading institutions, enterprises, and universities on the continuous advancement of quadruped robot technology and application. 

inMotion Robotic is a division of inMotion Gmbh established in 2010.

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