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Intersec is a global pioneer in mobile data and location intelligence solutions, locating and mapping nearly 1 billion mobile devices 24/7 for 75 customers in 45 countries. Our solutions guide public authorities and telecommunication companies to build tangible value for societies out of telecom metadata. Intersec specializes in mission-critical communication solutions, from efficiently warning people in case of danger to accurately locating and routing emergency calls to the closest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), and our public warning solutions cover 30% of the population in the European Union. “We were attracted by the completeness of Intersec's solution, by its experience in delivering messages on a very large scale depending on the real-time location of recipients, and by the willingness of its teams to keep this solution at the cutting edge of technology over the years to come." - Romain Moutard, Program Director, French Ministry of the Interior. At Intersec, Privacy by Design goes well beyond accepted standards: it assures regulatory compliance, no matter where our clients operate.

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