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Link Communication Systems Ltd

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Stay Connected in Any Situation with Link Communications Systems

Based in London, Link Communications Systems (LCS) is not just a telecommunications service provider; we are your lifeline to uninterrupted global connectivity. Specialising in satellite-based Internet and network access, LCS ensures you stay connected when it matters most, especially in remote locations or during critical situations.

Unwavering VSAT Services
Our expertise in Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services means we provide reliable, flexible, fast, and stable Internet and network connections anywhere in the world. Whether you're a business in a remote area or a maritime operation, we keep you online with our robust satellite services, including fixed land-based, maritime Internet, and TV broadcasting.

Guaranteed Connectivity When Everything Else Fails
Disasters and emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere, disconnecting you from the rest of the world. But with LCS, you're assured of an always-on connection. Our satellite networks are designed for resilience, ensuring that even when terrestrial networks are down, your communication remains uninterrupted.

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Rapid Response and 24/7 Support
In times of crisis, every second counts. LCS stands out for its rapid deployment of network solutions and 24/7 support. Our global presence, with support facilities in London and a network of agents and distributors worldwide, means we're always ready to respond swiftly, providing you with a stable and reliable communication network when you need it most.

Our Commitment

  1. Offering worry-free, uninterrupted communication networks.

  2. Designing advanced satellite networks for data, voice, and video.

  3. Integrating your LAN or WAN seamlessly across five continents.

  4. Ensuring rapid product delivery and network setup with around-the-clock support.

Ready to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your operations?

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Link Communications Systems: Keeping you connected in the most challenging situations, ensuring your business continuity and operational resilience, no matter where you are.

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