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Supporting people's fundamental right to feel safe, secure and protected at all times.

Locate Global is an established risk management company founded on our brand values of fortitude, loyalty, adaptability, and integrity. Values that our team live and breathes by. 

Locate is as an advanced and intuitive emergency incident management platform, developed in 2016 to address a spectrum of critical needs and help organisations across the world keep their people safe.

The current security climate is wide-ranging and fast-evolving. Critical incidents occur regularly, ranging from environmental disasters, and power outages, to critical equipment failures, and cyber-attacks. These disrupt supply chains and threaten global operations, brand reputation, and importantly personnel safety. 

Our platform excels in swiftly identifying critical events, locating users, facilitating global mass communication, and orchestrating a prompt response. 

One of Locate Global's pivotal strengths lies in its global communication capabilities. By seamlessly connecting stakeholders worldwide, it bridges geographical gaps, fostering a collaborative environment crucial for effective crisis management. This global reach ensures that information flows seamlessly, empowering decision-makers with real-time data for an informed and strategic response. 

The platform’s secure architecture is fortified to withstand the complexities of modern threats, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. The scalability of Locate Global is a testament to its adaptability, allowing it to evolve alongside the dynamic nature of emergency scenarios.

In times where every second counts, Locate Global instills confidence by delivering a dependable framework that organisations can rely on during the most challenging times, in responding to a crisis and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.

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