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MapTiler is a b2b SaaS platform for creating customizable maps, hosting and integrating your proprietary geodata, and publishing them via easy to use APIs. Maps can be served and redistributed into customers' websites, mobile apps, on-premise deployment, and other products or applications.

The basemap offering includes a streets map layer, with labels and place names available in over 60 languages and completely customizable to your needs. This is supplemented by an imagery basemap, terrain data (contour lines, hillshading, DEM), landcover, and more.

MapTiler uniquely offers the commercial MapTiler Server & Data solution for deploying maps in on-premise and/or air-gapped environments. MapTiler Engine can be used to process customers' own geodata into tile format for easy integration on a slippy map. Finally, MapTiler's SDKs make it possible to quickly and easily build an application with interactive, static maps, geocoding (e.g. address search), and more.

MapTiler Cloud is an alternative to Google Maps API and Mapbox APIs, powered by open data and protecting the privacy of users. MapTiler Server can host data & maps completely offline. MapTiler Engine can efficiently process customers' geodata into tile-format, enabling integration with web-maps. MapTiler SDK makes it easy for developers to deploy maps in their apps.

Tel: +41 41 511 26 12

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