15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe


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Mavinci was founded in 2012 to develop advanced specialist software technologies in Al and CBRN. It has developed one of the most advanced and innovative CBRN software portfolios in the market, with significant applications in government and defence industries. 

Mavinci is a bespoke software development and R&D company dedicated to providing innovative products and software platforms in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud technologies, and High-Tech Computational Engineering in the security, nuclear, corporate and defence sectors.

With its growing CBRN business, Mavinci acquired the Technical Support and Safety Organization (TSSO) in 2016 to provide technology and technical support services for the nuclear industry. The firm's operations expanded to develop commercial and scientific software with state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, GIS, and special-purpose electronics development to offer commercial drones seamlessly working with its software platforms. 

In 2020, Mavinci opened its first international office in the United Kingdom, offering bespoke software and hardware development services.

Mavinci has a wide portfolio of local and global clients in FMCG, finance, security-defence, transportation and government institutions. Mavinci's operations and quality systems ensure high standards of product delivery and client service, aiming to create a long-term relationship and customer satisfaction. 

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