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Discover the future of portable and renewable energy solutions with Mobisun's cutting-edge lineup at the Disaster Exposition Europe. Leading the charge in innovation, durability, and ruggedness, we proudly present our expanded Mobisun Pro series, tailored for disaster-stricken areas where power reliability is non-negotiable. Our showcase features three groundbreaking models: the Mobisun Pro Air, Mobisun Pro Max, and Mobisun Pro Ultra, each designed to meet diverse energy needs with unparalleled efficiency and resilience, and featuring a pure sinus AC output for clean and stable power.

The Mobisun Pro Air, your compact powerhouse, offers a robust 300W output and a battery capacity of 148Wh in a lightweight, ultra-portable design, weighing just 3.6 kg. Ideal for individual use or small teams, it ensures that essential devices and small appliances remain operational, keeping you connected and informed when it matters most.

Elevating power and portability, the Mobisun Pro Max delivers an impressive 800W output with a substantial 768Wh battery capacity, all within a manageable weight of 8.5 kg. This medium-sized marvel is perfect for powering larger devices, emergency medical equipment, and providing substantial support to relief operations, ensuring that help is always on hand.

At the pinnacle of our lineup, the Mobisun Pro Ultra stands as the ultimate power solution with a staggering 2000W output and a massive 2.1kWh battery capacity, all in a robust package that weighs 11 kg. Designed for extensive operations and community support, it can single-handedly power multiple devices, essential medical machinery, and makeshift command centers, making it indispensable for comprehensive disaster relief efforts.

Each model in the Mobisun Pro series is engineered for the harshest conditions, guaranteeing reliability, durability, and performance. Solar-powered, eco-friendly, and easy to deploy, these portable stations are not just tools but lifelines in disaster scenarios, offering a beacon of hope and resilience.

Join us at the Disaster Exposition Europe to witness the transformative power of the Mobisun Pro series. Experience how our innovations are setting new standards for disaster preparedness and response, ensuring that when the unexpected happens, you're not just ready—you're powered by Mobisun.

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