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Mosaic - 360º Street View Imagery

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Mosaic: the preferred choice for pre and post disaster imagery collection. Mosaic cameras have proven themselves capable of reliably capturing highly perishable 360º street view imagery following natural disasters - including floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes - for days and weeks on end without fail. Imagery collected can be captured, processed and shared with relevant parties, all within 24 hours, in order to understand the real-time conditions and make time-sensitive decisions.

We are the only company in the world building robust, 360° cameras specifically for ground-level mapping and imaging at scale, with available services combining our hardware, logistics know-how, and delivery of data in one vertically integrated solution.

Mosaic 51 Mobile Mapping Camera System

The most durable, precise and practical 360º camera for urban mapping and surveying. All-in-one solution for mobile mapping and street view data collection.

  • 12.3K resolution for the clearest image available

  • All-in-one-solution, on-board GPU, no computer necessary

  • Robust industrial grade construction, IP64, use it anywhere no matter the environment

  • 360º camera for HD surveying, GIS, and infrastructure inspection.

  • Easily manageable, standalone unit, single manned operation with minimal training

  • Robust industrial frame & connectors to withstand the cold, the heat, water, dust, poor road conditions.

  • Built-in computer, large internal storage to capture all day without a computer on board.


Mosaic X Mobile Mapping Camera System:
Where speed meets accuracy in 360º street view mobile mapping. Map large areas at highway speeds in extreme resolution for 3D models & reconstructions

  • 13.5K resolution

  • The highest quality street view imagery collected at scale with the most robust global shutter mobile mapping camera.

  • Standalone system, easy-to-use interface to control during capture.

  • Distortion-free capture for clear, precise shots at high speeds.

  • Enhanced low-light performance boosts operational hours in challenging conditions – dawn, dusk, cloudy days, & tunnels.

  • Seamless post-processing stitching, ideal for detailed visual documentation.

  • Future-proof solution system with the ability to integrate additional devices (i.e. LiDAR, GNSS, IMU) per customer demand.


Mosaic Xplor - Mobile Mapping Backpack System

Trailblazing portable reality scanning with a 360º Mobile Mapping Backpack leading the way in street view data capture for when you can't drive there. Hands-free, on-the-go image capture at walking or biking speeds.

  • 360º Mobile Mapping Backpack to explore, capture, and analyze hard-to-reach environments.

  • Revolutionary 14K Resolution

  • Cutting-Edge 360º x 120º LiDAR Capture

  • Lightweight (7 kg total & only 2.5 kg overhead )

  • Capture at up to 50 km/h


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