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NewCo PRO Service & Trade Gmbh (“NewCo”) is a company incorporated in 2021 under the laws of Germany. Our mission is to provide a proactive approach to global social and environmental challenges. Our core focus is to identify and develop key social and environmental initiatives fuelled by innovative technologies to support people in need. The Global Water Crisis represent one of this global social and environmental challenges where NewCo believes we can contribute to improve the situation and make a difference with our Sydney 905 filters. The Sydney 905 Filters bring a unique solution for their versatility, long duration, full sustainability and cost efficiency as there is no limitations on lifetime or volume if the filters are properly maintain. There are no chemicals used in the filter and the filtered water will still contain the naturally occurring safe and healthy minerals. The combination of field proved durable materials and Micron Hollow-Fibre Membrane Filtration Technology, which is based on the medical dialyze method makes the Sydney 905 Filters exceeding all water authority recommended removal rates for harmful microorganisms found in water. Further, there is no replacement of filter cartridges needed and a high flow rate allows to use it for pressurized as well as for gravity feed, which makes this filter 100% suitable for all Indoor/Outdoor/Rural/Urban situations for millions of people all over the world that do not have access to clean water.

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