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SWOOP Energy has developed the ECHO-5, a mobile and emission free power station using 2nd life automotive batteries. 

A fully certified and remarkably silent AC power system, crafted to excel in challenging operating conditions.

SWOOP Energy's robust power station stands out for its resilience, producing noise and emission-free power tailored for critical backup power needs in both indoor and outdoor settings. The best choice for off-grid disaster relief operations.

The energy station features a high-energy-density battery, thanks to the high-performance and sparingly used automotive batteries it utilizes. Additionally, it delivers a high power output of 5 kW, capable of powering most electrical devices in emergency situations, all while maintaining its mobile and compact design.

The ECHO-5 enables the replacement of conventional generators powered by gasoline or diesel, freeing users from their constraints: pollution, noise, intoxication …

Users can charge the power station with the grid but also with solar energy, when no other sources of power are available, making it a fully autonomous power system.  

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at +336153115.

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