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First responders have to do the right thing at the right moment to save as many lives as possible. Unfortunately, the very nature of the job is characterized by a chaotic environment with scarce resources. How should one prioritize their actions in a situation in which there is a shortage of people, where every second counts, the environment unsafe, the work dangerous and mistakes are fatal?

Tective fundamentally believes that better information leads to better decisions. For first responders, this directly translates to knowing what is happening at which location. From there on, the operations and their priorities can be calculated, detailing which rescue operation should be executed in which order at which place.

Over the past 4 years, Tective has developed a system that requires just one person to do exactly this. The system increases the situational awareness in the epicentre of any disaster. Not only have we developed a Swarm of Drones to capture every square inch of ground in the area, but we've built the far more complex systems that provide the infrastructure to store, deploy, operate and recover this whole swarm from one single point. Allowing the swarm to operate 24/7 while relying on its own power sources and data-networks.

By digitizing the captured data and using advanced dynamic path planning algorithms to determine the best course of action, one is able to make take the best decision in the worst of times, each time.

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