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Telegrafia, a.s.

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Telegrafia a. s. is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative products and solutions in the field of early warning and notification systems.

Telegrafia's in-house development centre has been rapidly advancing since its establishment in 1991. Along with the constantly changing requirements of the company's current and potential customers, these account for the two primary driving forces of the company. 

While climatic conditions are changing rapidly and nature is increasingly demonstrating its power, Telegrafia is seeking to innovate its products and solutions to ensure that early warning and notification systems can effectively fight against the devastating consequences of natural disasters.

The company's early warning and notification products and solutions have found their applications in many countries worldwide, from French Polynesia through Asia and Europe to South America. Telegrafia's expansion in the warning and notification device sector over the years of its existence has long since gone beyond European borders, with customers in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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