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Tough, reliable, high quality mobile water purification systems designed for ease of use whilst withstanding the harshest of conditions to produce fresh, drinking water direct from source.

Wherever we are in the world we need water. The more remote your location, the more difficult it is to source safe drinking water. We have all become accustomed to water from a tap or from a bottle. Typically, when working or living out in remote locations, we rely on bottled water to drink.

Deploying with a water purification unit (WPU) removes that reliance. At the same time it removes the logistical burden of cost and risk of drinking water re-supply.

A mobile or portable water purifier can transform operations for humanitarian aid, military or commercial expeditions. Séon water purifiers will provide a reliable, trusted drinking water source wherever you operate.

Of course, removing the carbon foot print of bottled water by purifying at source is a responsible and sustainable method that we should all be doing to protect our planet.

  • Minimised logistical cost

  • Minimised logistical risk

  • Minimised carbon footprint

  • Increased resilience

  • Trusted water, always fresh

  • Sustainable, use over and over again

For those living or working off grid and disconnected from a reliable piped water supply, Séon water purification systems can be installed in homes, offices, hospitals, hotels. Séon will provide you with a permanent and reliable supply of safe drinking water by purifying the untrusted source near to you. Preppers, have you catered for water supply?

It’s time to change to Séon Water Purification Technology; no more bottled water.

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