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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Atlas NRG''s Integrated Solutions

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Atlas NRG's Integrated Solutions

In a digital era, communities and services around the world rely on technology and communications that need to be available and online, powered without compromise 24/7. As a society that consumes services and content non-stop, we take for granted the energy that powers the services we use every day. However, providing resilient and sustainable power is not necessarily a commodity for everyone given that either utility infrastructure is not easily available in some parts of the world or is reaching maximum capacity given the grid is over-subscribed. When you look at other industrial sites that are providing much-needed employment to some in remote locations with high demand for power, power provision requirements need to be met at a whole new different scale.

When providing top-class service underlying energy provision for sites or infrastructure with high availability SLAs, customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of how good the delivery is. That is even more important in emergency situations such as natural disasters or crisis events. Yet, many organizations find themselves entrusting tasks to third-party service contractors without adequate oversight. The result? Issues often go unnoticed until complaints arise from the field, triggering a laborious process of inquiry and resolution. Issues are compounded if the right level of remote monitoring is not put in place as lack of visibility not only leads to service failures but also consumes valuable time and resources.

"Problems aren't evident until it's too late to take any corrective action."

The absence of a clear view of power demand and capacity leaves both service providers and contractors in a perpetual state of estimation regarding their commitments. Without real-time access to site data, customers are deprived of optimal service quality. However, modern technology offers solutions to bridge these visibility gaps, ensure efficient deployment and operations of power infrastructure and, ultimately, enhance service delivery.

Atlas NRG is proud to work with customers across a very diverse spectrum of geographical and environmental challenges to provide reliable and rapid portable power optimised for any requirements. The efficiency and resilience of the solutions we deploy for our customers rely on three simple actions at the core of our service: View, Manage & Analyze.

The key components that are a must-have to enable this and which are embedded in Atlas NRG’s offering are:

Smart Devices …


  • equip customer sites with smart devices capable of industrial protocol communication.


  • enable seamless integration with existing systems such as generator controllers, energy meters, and UPS units.


  • therefore, empower users to unlock the full potential of their machine data for improved service quality.


Smart IoT Gateway …


  • facilitates communication with industrial devices on-site.


  • implements customized data filtering for efficient communication and storage.


  • enables tailored alarm definitions for proactive monitoring.


  • ensures secure, one-way communication channels for data integrity.


Smart IoT Platform …


  • utilizes secure SSL communication for data transmission.


  • implements robust user verification measures for enhanced security.


  • offers customizable dashboard views for real-time data monitoring.


  • generates automated reports based on predefined templates, leveraging aggregated site data.


Deploying a suite of solutions that combine Smart Devices, IoT Gateway and IoT Platform enables anyone to leverage the full potential of their data to ensure resilient, efficient and sustainable deployment of power solutions. We work with our customers to deploy solutions that are supported by critical business functions:

View, Log, Report: Unleashing Data Potential

Technological advances have made it possible today to embed data science at the heart of power operations to optimise and continuously improve power systems performance. That’s why we have partnered with PowerX, the leading data intelligence platform for optimising energy-related assets at scale, in multi-site environments. Access to machine data opens doors to valuable insights, allowing businesses to:


  • Understand product usage patterns.


  • Identify and address product failures promptly.


  • Maintain product quality and meet key performance indicators.


  • Optimize return on investment through informed decision-making.


Alarm & Event Management: Tailored Monitoring Solutions


A comprehensive alarm and event triggering system offers:


  • Live site condition visualization via map view.


  • Instant notification of alarm occurrences, ensuring timely response.


  • Customizable alarm definitions aligned with customer requirements.


  • Detailed data reporting to facilitate efficient troubleshooting and resolution.


Automate Analysis at Scale: Empowering Failure Analysis

Understanding when and why failures happen is critical to prevent it in the future. When failures occur one of the main challenge is prioritizing fault resolution amid varying complexities, identifying root causes, ensuring accurate and timely repair as well as prevention of recurring issues. Leveraging machine data to enhance predictive maintenance models is fundamental to build long-term resilience in your power solutions. That’s why Atals NRG’s solution includes key features:


  • Creation and storage of machine sensor data for detailed analysis and root-cause diagnostics.


  • Flexible historical logging and alarm triggering to link key patterns to early failure indicators and early detection.


  • Integration with real-time monitoring for comprehensive fault detection and fast repair action.


Atlas NRG's Strategic Approach:

Future-proofing our solutions to ensure our customer get long-term value from working with Atlas NRG is of strategic importancefor both our customers and us. Our strategic approach includes enhancements to include:


  • Organized Data Inventory: Streamline access to critical machine data.


  • Add Critical Sensors: Enhance data collection capabilities as needed.


  • Monitor Sensors: Continuously log sensor data for performance analysis.


  • Leverage Machine Data: Utilize operational data for predictive maintenance and performance optimization.


  • Segment Machine Failures: Categorize pre-failures for targeted response and analysis.


In conclusion, Atlas NRG's integrated solutions, optimised by PowerX data intelligence empower businesses to deliver exceptional service through enhanced visibility, proactive monitoring, and data-driven analysis. By leveraging the power of technology, organizations can not only address current challenges but also anticipate future needs, thereby fostering lasting customer satisfaction. This is even more important for businesses looking for the right partner for power solutions not only in business-as-usual deployments but in critical disaster or extreme crisis situation where you need the confidence of working with the right business to ensure fast recovery with reliable and rapid power solutions.