Peripatetic Event


  1. Importance of power output

 A single-phase power generator is sufficient for normal operation and can supply electrical appliances such as lamps, lighter construction tools, measuring equipment, a TV set, or a computer. A three-phase power generator provides a higher power output, and you can comfortably supply a fully electronically equipped family house with it. However, it is necessary to consider the consumption of single-phase electrical appliances.

  1. Inverter, gasoline, or diesel?

Gasoline power generators are very popular due to their wide range of uses and lower weight. They are used to supply smaller single-phase electrical appliances and can also be used as a backup power source for family homes. Diesel power generators offer higher power output. These generators are ideal for long-term operation and can simultaneously supply several single-phase and three-phase electrical appliances. Gas/LPG power generators are more environmentally friendly and less demanding as regards operating costs. They have a wide range of use and they are suitable for garden equipment, workshops, repairs, and common household electrical appliances.

  1. Electrical capacitance

Capacitance regulation is a typical feature of most generators and it works by using capacitors. This technology can handle even a higher initial electric motor load and is suitable for connecting common electrical appliances. AVR regulation is particularly suitable for powering sensitive appliances that would be harmed by fluctuating voltages. It can equalize voltages with a tolerance of approximately ±2%, so you can safely connect sensitive electronics to it. The so-called compound regulation is suitable for compressors, circulator saw devices and other more demanding appliances that create a higher load when starting and are equipped with asynchronous motors.


First of all, be clear about the purpose. One generator will come in handy for your Cottage and under a tent, another for running a family home or a business. In this case, the elementary rule sounds: “Measure twice and choose the power generator carefully”, because it could be difficult to solve the lack of electricity at the very last minute.

Choose the right type.

Large and powerful generators are used in hospitals, factories, business centres, and wherever there is a need to protect devices and secure them against power failures. You can use smaller, but still very powerful generators for the operation of your family houses or cottages. You can comfortably spend a longer time outdoors and at the same time enjoy all the comfort of modern technology.

Portable generators can be used near a caravan or a tent. In today's modern world which allows you to travel as you please throughout the year, the portable generator is a great help for digital nomads.

From healthcare to crafts

If you need to have electrical medical devices in operation all the time for health reasons, a backup generator is a great option, so you do not have to worry about a possible failure. Do-it-yourself guys may have an energy power source available even in the field, and children will certainly appreciate that it is never dark at night and they can always rely on a night lamp.