Peripatetic Event

No Water, No electricity, No Chemicals… No Problem!

Water, electricity, and chemicals are not always available, nor are they necessarily the most feasible toilet solutions in a disaster situation.  This is why a Sanitation plan, and a diverse model for toilet solutions can increase hygiene at the disaster location.  More sustainable solutions need to be available to solve the basic sanitation needs of people in a disaster area.

Clean water and sanitation for all is one of the UN's sustainability goals, and something that we at Separett are working towards. As we have manufactured Separating toilets for over 45 years, we can say that we know water and drain-free toilet solutions. Contributing to a solution that can also reduce the burden on the environment and give everyone the opportunity to have and use a toilet, as our toilets are not dependent on either drain or water. This contributes to how we can save a valuable resource - water.

In disaster sites, the rescue workers and victims receiving aid still have their basic needs.  Warmth, water, food, and the ability to use a bathroom.  Many disaster sites are on mountains, in cities after an earthquake, or even in areas requiring medical aid due to other terrible events.  This requires an inventive strategy to have a sanitary toilet solution, that is very mobile, and can be used anywhere, or can be refitted to other solutions as needed.  Furthermore, many systems of the waste disposal do not take into consideration that the mere separation of Urine and feces can reduce the latrine smell by 80%.  This is accomplished without water, without chemicals, and without electricity.

Having toilet solutions that can be adaptive to the situation or can be easily stored and brought to a disaster location are key to the success of this strategy.  This means that a basic sanitation concept combined with separation toilet technology can be the solution to a disaster site.  This concept can be made adaptive to the situation and the concept can be quickly adapted to the onsite needs.

 Separating Toilet solutions can be included into vehicles like caravans but designed for work sites with a bathroom and office, variations of a box toilet concepts, Carry/foldable solutions, and so much more.  With separating toilets, they can be used for individual needs, and can allow people in the disaster area to have one less thing to worry about!