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Johanniter International

Johanniter International (JOIN) is the European partnership of 16 national charities founded by the Orders of St John. Its member organizations are active in medical services and first aid, social care, international humanitarian aid, development cooperation, civil protection, and disaster relief. In this regard, JOIN is working with experts from the field to find solutions and facilitate exchanges on a large scale. Based in Brussels, the JOIN Office also works with European institutions, policymakers and other international organizations, facilitating international collaboration and projects.

As coordinator of a European network, JOIN aims to exchange information and strategies of health care providers in Europe and to support each other with lessons learned and expertise for new fields.

Within the MED1stMR project, JOIN facilitates the positioning of the mixed reality training approach across Europe. The project aims to prepare medical first responders for stressful and highly complex (mass casualty) disaster situations by using innovative mixed reality (MR) technology combined with medical patient simulators, virtual environments, and smart scenario control. In its function as coordinator of national emergency responder charities from 15 European countries, the JOIN Office offers support in requirements analysis, communication, networking, dissemination, awareness–raising and exploitation of results across Europe.

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