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H20 Global News

H2O Global News is a leading global news platform and community for the water sector. We specialise in publishing accurate, timely and informative editorial about all issues relating to one of the most important resources on this planet – water. This includes water and wastewater sector news, but also topics relating to water’s role in industries such as agriculture, chemicals, medical, industry, manufacturing and research.

We communicate these issues through a mix of daily news, long-form features, opinion pieces, case studies and, most recently, through H2O Stream – a video series featuring exclusive interviews with some of the water sector’s best and brightest.

In addition to our editorial coverage, we cater to the marketing needs of the companies, organisations and associations that work within all water-related industries.

Collaboration is one of our core values. We welcome news and comment pieces as well as your latest case studies, product developments, mergers and acquisitions and details of staff changes and additions.

Our news is aimed at a global audience working or relating to water at all levels – from board members and CEOs to installers and field workers. We work hard to ensure the stories we feature are relevant, engaging and encourage our readers to take action to accelerate sustainable water management.

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