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Inergency is an online platform to learn about emergencies and natural disasters.
And for the last 3 years, our team has been creating an intelligent digital ecosystem to translate technical research into simple information that is easy to understand so any citizen in the world can take simple steps to live in communities that are safer.
Our platform brings insights from thousands of trusted sources like Universities, Laboratories and Research Centers Worldwide.
More about our History
Back in 2020 we finally said goodbye to text, and since then, our team has produced over 500 educational video explainers with text-to-video technology so you can learn anytime, anywhere. And in 2022 we start creating video explainers powered by virtual avatars who talk with a human touch about innovators and the work of upcoming industry leaders.
We are learning how to listen better.
So If you are creating or promoting solutions related to emergency response, disaster mitigation, Internet of Things, AI, Smart Cities and Climate Change Technologies, then that means we really want to hear from you.
If you have one minute please send us a LinkedIn connection request, so we can provide you with a complementary press release distribution or social media mentions at no charge for you.
You can reach Hugi Hernandez and all the creators of Inergency on LinkedIn or by text at 6782214162 or connect with us with a WhatsApp message directly from our site at

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