Peripatetic Event


TIEMS is a global forum for emergency management and disaster risk reduction, building capacity to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and climate change impacts. TIEMS aspires to be the leading organization for international emergency management professional development, through the exchange of information, innovations and good practices. TIEMS focus on cultural differences to be understood and included in its activities, comprising international conferences and workshops, webinars, research and development projects and international certification. TIEMS was founded in Washington DC, USA in 1993, and is registered as a non-profit NGO in Brussels, Belgium. TIEMS is well established and recognized worldwide as an important and serious actor in emergency management and disaster response. TIEMS has about 3000 members worldwide, from professional certified members to local chapter members. With the world at risk, increasing in terms of disasters, frequency and consequences, TIEMS is meeting these challenges of multifaceted threats, with focus on world’s safety.

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