15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

Lisa Orloff: Speaking at the Disasters Expo Europe

Lisa Orloff

President & Founder  -  Resiliency Advisors & World Cares Center

The Importance of Emotional Resiliency In Disaster Management

Traumatic events have the power to overwhelm normal coping abilities of individuals and groups. Emotionally charged, high stress jobs and volunteer work can have a negative impact on individuals if they are not aware of the risks or coping skills, the negative impact a manager with low resiliency skills can significantly hinder their team's and client's recovery. Resiliency training can reduce the impact that disasters, disaster work and caregiving has on those that seek to help. During the session attendees will understand the emotional risks related to disaster work and its impact on their team, recognize the signs and symptoms of disaster work related stress in their team and learn techniques to increase their ability to build and maintain emotional resiliency in disaster response.

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