15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

Matthew R. Pearson- co presenting with Jim Irmitter: Speaking at the Disasters Expo Europe

Matthew R. Pearson- co presenting with Jim Irmitter

Founder  -  Pearson Legal, P.C.

Navigating Cosmetic Exclusions

Cosmetic damage endorsements and limitations have made their way into property damage policies over the past few years. Initially, they were added to policies as endorsements listed on declaration pages. Lately, they have become more difficult to spot as they have been added into the terms and conditions of policies in a number of different areas. The language of the cosmetic damage limitations also vary from carrier to carrier. This class will discuss the evolution of the cosmetic damage limitation, look at the most common definitions of cosmetic damage, and discuss what policyholders and the representative must do to show that the damage to their property is functional and not cosmetic.

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