15 & 16 MAY 2024

Frankfurt Messe

VIRTUAL SEMINAR - Saeid (Adam) Pirasteh: Speaking at the Disasters Expo Europe

VIRTUAL SEMINAR - Saeid (Adam) Pirasteh

Professor of University and Director of GeoIME  -  GeoIME Inc.

–Geospatial Infrastructure Management Ecosystem (GeoIME) for risk reduction and disaster management

We present cloud-based Geospatial Information Technologies to support the SDGs 2030 earthquake disaster risk reduction, mitigation, and resilience. Objectives: (1) participating in global sharing of experiences on utilizing geospatial technologies to address disasters resilience and challenges of determining the vulnerability and estimation of risk of buildings and bridges as well as recommendation for retrofitting; and (2) developing Geospatial Infrastructure Management Ecosystem (GeoIME) including, Geospatial Rapid Visual Screening (GeoRVS) platform.

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