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AIRXBIG – ARTUS Security Systems – Atlas UAS distributor

AIRXBIG and Artus Security systems – two austrian companies working in the field of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), join forces at the NDE 2023.

AIRXBIG, founded with government participation, is completely rethinking the use of drones.

Artus Security System (www.artussecuritysystems.at), a part of sps-west gmbh, provides unmanned systems, simulation devices & training and other solutions for HLS and first responders and is the Austrian distributor of Atlas UAS (atlasuas.com) in austria and other European countries.

AIRXBIG developed an overarching platform for the use of drones as a "one-stop shop." The software innovation lies in the intelligent and automated linking of existing technologies. Thus, AIRXBIG creates an easy and clear access to the data collected via drones through the specially developed user-friendly dashboards and evaluations.

The focus of the work is to assist municipalities, authorities and first responders in the prevention of environmental damage and disasters. Through targeted monitoring, drones can be used to create 3D models of landscapes and examine them specifically for changes in their structure. Thus, for example, landscape distortions, changes in river courses or vegetation can be detected before they escalate and cause damage to people and environment. This integrated system works also as a plattform for the implementation of disaster control scenarios.

Artus Security Systems, based in Innsbruck/Tyrol, is a distributor of Atlas UAS in Austria – Atlas UAS offers solutions for search & rescue missions with small, robust UAV.

AtlasPRO is a small tricopter with a wide range of capabilities – MESH technology enables the operation of multiple aircraft with one operator, a number of features (AI-capabilities, Hazard detection, pre-defined missions) supports search& rescue operations. Quick set-up, easy handling and the ability to fly in harsh & demanding conditions makes it a perfect tool for all professionals.

AvalanchePRO is a version of AtlasPRO adapted with an avalanche transceiver creating an unique solution for avalanche search & rescue missions.

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